Find interesting new banano lovers nearby made a great impact on my life as I was able to find my potassium soulmate after using it.
I’ve met a lot of shillers in my life. But with Banano, it’s... different.
I once fell in love with a doge. I dumped him in the #jungle.


Dog lover, loves potassium and


"Into each life some .rain must fall."
I wrote that.


Looking for a young, tasty banano who's into beautiful walks in rainy jungle.

@david Scubadiver

Don't mess with me.
Individual warrants every day are used to .arrest dangerous bananners.


Let's not pretend you 're actually reading this.


I think when you are a cool banano but also a hot banano, that makes you even more sexy.


Chronic stolen sufferer, loves to watch Prison Break.


To get rich, you have to be making bananos while you're asleep.

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